Alexis Adams Interview with Sunful Magazine

Alexis Adams did a great interview with Sinful Magazine.

SINFUL: Thank you for the interview, how did you get your start into the porn world?
Alexis: I knew I always wanted to do some time of sexy modeling, maybe implied nude but never thought in a million years I would do porn. 2 days after I turned 18, I went down to Miami for my first completely nude shoot to submit to playboy, playboy was my dream. He was an amazing photographer, still some of my favorite photos. Submitted the photos, never heard back. But I continued to model us using various sites to book jobs and that gave me a good income for awhile and I loved it. Then finally playboy cyber contacted me to shoot and so I did. I finally had my foot in the door with playboy so I was happy. I wanted to try for playmate, but I did not want to sit and wait and not be able to do things because it might ruin my chances of my test for playmate. So I never really gave that a shot, I have no patience, and I was getting bored. So then I met a few people in the adult industry and realized my thoughts on that industry were completely wrong. It was way more professional then I ever thought. So I started with solo, then just went into boy/girl. I still to this day… 4 years later so not do girl/girl. I stick to what I like.

SINFUL: What were you doing prior to the adult industry?
Alexis: I was a hostess and going to school.

SINFUL: Growing up were you a wild girl?
Alexis: Didn’t really get wild till high school… but I was more undercover. I was smart. It was usually guys from different schools. If I banged you and you went to my school, you were lucky (laughs). I think I can only think of 4 guys that went to my school, not many.

SINFUL: You’ve got amazing tits, what size are they and are they real?
Alexis: Yes all real. 32DD

SINFUL: They must have driven the boy’s crazy at school and the other girls jealous?
Alexis: Mmm not really. It’s hard for people to see what you have with all the dress code rules at school (laughs), but now of course I’m sure they’re all jealous.

SINFUL: You’ve got the full package, beautiful face, hot body, what’s one time in your life you’ve used your sex appeal to get something?
Alexis: I tend to use it all the time, but not over do it. I just use my charm and my adorableness and it works (laughs).

SINFUL: When and how did you lose your virginity?
Alexis: Nothing too crazy. I was 15 I think and it was just with a boyfriend. And we’re still friends!

SINFUL: Did you watch porn before you got into the industry?
Alexis: Noooo never watched porn before getting into the industry. If I did it was those spam pop ups on the computer (laughs) and I would freak out!

SINFUL: At what age did you shoot your first porn scene?
Alexis: I was 19.

SINFUL: You’re about to shoot your first sex scene, what’s going through your head?
Alexis: First boy/girl scene… I was sooo nervous. The guy was great, he led the way the whole time. It went by so quickly I don’t even really remember. I just know I was nervous the whole time and I sucked (laughs).

SINFUL: Do you ever sit back and watch yourself on screen?
Alexis: I always watch my scenes. Even now so I can see what faces I make, if my moaning is annoying (laughs), I just watch my videos to see what I can improve on.

SINFUL: Name a movie or scene you’ve done that you would recommend our readers to watch?
Alexis: My HardX scene with Manuel is super hot! Watch that one! I get too happy when I get to do a slutty grown up video (laughs). I always get the cute teeny bopper scenes, and that’s not me.

SINFUL: Describe yourself in one sentence?
Alexis: How about one word… carefree.

SINFUL: Best thing of being a pornstar?
Alexis: You’re kind of famous to some people. I get to do what others would be so scared to do, and the money.

SINFUL: Worst thing about being a pornstar?
Alexis: Hard To transition to a “normal” job. In porn you’re use to such easy quick money. And it can make relationships harder.

SINFUL: What is your craziest sexual experience you’ve had outside the film world?
Alexis: I never had sex in some crazy place, but my first anal experience I was drinking tequila for the first time with girlfriends, and later on that night I was having sex with my boyfriend and next thing I know his dick is in my ass, but it felt so good! Well at that moment. The next day I wasn’t sure why my ass hurt so bad (laughs)! Then remembered oh yea… Anal (laughs).

SINFUL: Are you a dominant or submissive person outside the film world?
Alexis: Submissive!

SINFUL: Who is one celebrity that you’d love to do a scene in an adult film with?
Alexis: Channing Tatum, because he’s so yummy. And even when he dances, it looks like he would have some moves in the bedroom.

SINFUL: What’s your favorite sex position?
Alexis: Depends… but doggy if I just want to get fucked. Or spooning if I have a connection with you.

SINFUL: A guy is about to blow his load, where do you want it to land?
Alexis: I love cream pies, but I also love it in my mouth.

SINFUL: What gets you horny, what gets you wet?
Alexis: When the guy wants to tease me before letting me have his cock. Like really tease me, fuck me then go eat my pussy (laughs).

SINFUL: What turns you off?
Alexis: When the guy doesn’t care about making sure I’m enjoying it. And bad hygiene.

SINFUL: How about a tip for our male readers, how does a guy bring up or convince his girl to do a threesome?
Alexis: Hmm you know I have nooo idea. If you guys are having fun just dating nothing serious, I mean just ask. For me if I’m serious about you, I’m just not into threesomes. I’m selfish.

SINFUL: What do you have a weakness for?
Alexis: Candy.

SINFUL: What 3 things can’t you live without?
Alexis: Phone, Hitachi and steak.

SINFUL: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Alexis: I blew a guys load onto his own face… Oops.

SINFUL: Have you ever said no to a movie?
Alexis: Yea plenty of times. I just don’t do those kind of movies, I don’t want to work with that talent, or it’s not worth me getting out of bed for (laughs)!

SINFUL: What does it feel like to have men and women all over the world masturbate over you?
Alexis: I love it.

SINFUL: Craziest or creepiest thing a fan has asked you to do or asked for?
Alexis: Pee in a cup and mail it to him (laughs).

SINFUL: One thing fans don’t know about you?
Alexis: That I also do other things outside of porn.

SINFUL: What in store for you in future?
Alexis: I currently do real estate, when I’m not shooting porn. I love it. It’s something I’ve always had a thing for! So if you need a house sold or looking to buy… find me!


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